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Red LAMBDA i8 Device For Terea Dubai

Red LAMBDA i8 Device For Terea Dubai

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Introducing the Lambda i8, a new product available in the UAE! the Lambda i8, the most recent product from the renowned heat-resistant device manufacturer "LAMBDA". This brand-new gadget was created especially for Terea Sticks and offers a superior smoking experience. With the new Smartcore induction heating system included into this cutting-edge device, heating is more effective and precise. You may customize your smoking session to suit your preferences by adjusting the operating temperature between 200 and 300 °C and the smoking period between 3 and 6 minutes using the sophisticated LED display.

The Lambda i8 boasts a powerful 3200 mAh battery and the outstanding ability to deliver 35–40 smoking sessions on a single full charge. This device weighs only 83g and is made from high-quality materials like PPSU, PEEK, and a sturdy aluminum alloy. It also comes in a variety of fashionable colors. It is a must-have accessory for any fan of heat not burn because it works with TEREA, SENTIA, and other Smartcore Sticks. Additionally, the Lambda i8 comes in six gorgeous colors, giving your experience with heat not burn a touch of style.

Lambda i8 Device Specification:

Heating type: Smartcore induction heating system

LED display: yes

Working temperature: 200 – 300 ℃ adjustable

Smoking time: 3 – 6 min. adjustable

Battery capacity: 3200 mAh

Input voltage: 5V / 2A

Charging time: about 2.5 hours

Smoking times: 35- 40 times (full charge).

Product size: 102.8*28.9*20.8 mm

Weight: 83g

Material: Aluminum alloy+PPSU+PEEK

Compatible with: TEREA Smartcore Sticks

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