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TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan IQOS Iluma Sticks in Dubai UAE

TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan IQOS Iluma Sticks in Dubai UAE

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Introducing IQOS TEREA, genuine tobacco sticks designed with an integrated heating blade, specifically for use with IQOS ILUMA Kits.

TEREA Twilight Pearl: This variant offers a moderate, fragrant tobacco flavor. It features a flavor capsule that, when clicked, releases a burst of blueberry and menthol into the filter tip.

IQOS provides an alternative for adult smokers who want to continue smoking without the smoke or ash of traditional cigarettes. This product is intended exclusively for use with the IQOS Iluma device and is not suitable for nonsmokers or ex-smokers.

Flavor Description:

Enjoy a robust blend of roasted tobacco with subtle malty notes. With just one click, experience the delightful taste enhanced by hints of woodland berries.


These HeatSticks and other tobacco products are designed for use with electric heating devices like IQOS. Each carton contains 10 packs of Terea tobacco sticks, with each pack holding 20 sticks, totaling 200 sticks per carton.

For more information on TEREA flavors available in Dubai, please refer to our IQOS TEREA flavor guide.

Note: This item is available for order and shipment only within the United Arab Emirates.

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